Auto insurance is a necessity.

Searching for the best rates to meet your personal and commercial needs may be a bigger task than your time allows. Our insurance team here at Maryland Moats Lexow represents a wide network of automobile insurance carriers and is prepared to do the work for you. Representing a variety of insurance companies allows us to find the best rates for the coverage you need. Whether you’re insuring your family car, truck, van or SUV, your favorite classic car, boat or other recreational vehicles, call Maryland Moats Lexow for your insurance first.

Insure Your Commercial Vehicle or Fleet

As a business owner, your time and money is a priority. Don’t spend your profit on high insurance rates for your commercial vehicles. Our team prides itself in finding the best rates that make insuring your vehicles affordable. Whether you only have a few vehicles or an entire fleet, we’re here for you. Be sure to ask about business insurance so we can meet all your needs at one quality and dependable independent insurance agency in the St. Louis Metro East. Call now to request a free quote.


When you're ready to insure your personal or commercial vehicles, call Maryland Moats Lexow Insurance first. We’re ready to put our customer service skills to work for you.